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How To Care & Clean The Leather Jackets

August 24, 2016 0 Comments

For something that cares for you nonstop, and is always there for you. May it be to protect you from the cold, or help your biker spirit keep safe. Whether you want a personal style enhancer or a companion to assist you in making an impression. A thing that has devoted itself to you also needs your attention in return. You owe a little pampering to such a magical gift in your closet. And you will be the only person to reap its fruits!

Genuine Leather Jackets are of complicated material, but maintaining them is not. These fashion staples are a perfect fit for every situation and tend to be of frequent use. And thus, it requires the correct amount of care to make it last longer. After all, you would want to take care of such a friend.

To keep your jacket supple and attractive even after years, follow these simple practices and you will make it last for an eternity!

Tips to clean a leather jacket.

To make sure that it stays soft, smooth, and clean, you need to treat it like the valuable item it is. After each wear, wipe the surface thoroughly to ensure that the leather stays as good as new. Using baby wipes is the safest and easiest option. You need to keep your Real Leather Jacket hydrated to prevent it from getting worn off. Oils and moisturizers are a perfect resort for these jackets.

Make sure that you avoid these jackets in the rainy season, and even if it does get wet, make sure you dry it properly and instantly. These sensitive jackets become a bit uneasy around rain, and I think we should consider that right?

While washing a leather jacket, you need to make sure not to use a bleach-based detergent or ammonia that might result in cracks or discoloring. Soaking it in a normal or slightly warm temperature serves to be the most suitable. we recommend using the least amount of water since the material of leather usually absorbs water and changes its color. It is advised to first check a small hidden part of the jacket if it absorbs water and reacts to it or not. In cases of aniline or semi-aniline leathers that do absorb water, detergents that are compatible are recommended. Also, in cases of permanent stains, rubbing or scrubbing the surface can damage the jacket and is to be avoided.  

Surprise it with a few gifts.

For those who are extremely possessive about their leather apparel, there are tons of leather essentials out there including fine leather lotions, wax leather creams, or water repellents. Keep in mind that greases based or waxed-based products are more protective but they do affect their longevity and shine. Sealing treatments or products that make your jacket water resistant are extremely necessary, and are also easily available in stores that sell leather garments.

What you need to take care of the most is to read the tags on your leather jacket first. There are countless leather options and each has its own way to be taken care of. The basics however always include the warnings not to put it in a washing machine and not to iron it.

Full aniline pieces of leather darken with moisture and change color, so you have to be cautious about those before trying to clean them. Test on a non-exposed is first to see the reaction on your specific leather kind and then proceed further. A pigment-finished lamb-skin leather is the easiest to wipe off and does not absorb moisture. For suede leathers using a brush to dust it off is the best way to maintain it.

How to keep your jacket shiny.

There is a never-ending dispute between leather’s shine and sunlight. Too much exposure to heat or sun rays can have an unwanted impact on the shine of your leather jacket. The shine is not just for the looks but is also functional. Manufacturers often add a finishing polish to their leather to lock in the moisture that keeps the jacket crack-free and durable.

To ensure the shine of your jacket, you also need to choose genuine leather that will be sustainable and hold its original shine longer. If the leather is not genuine, the artificial polish will come off quickly. Furthermore, re-polishing or conditioning your leather is also a way to maintain its shine. And give it a look that stays as good as new always!

Tips to store a leather jacket.

You would want to remove any food stains, oil, etc. before storing it for the next season. Also, choose the correct kind of hanger for it so that it’s sturdy and stiff, and does not sag from any point. Hanging a jacket is also the smartest way of storing it. As the jacket starts pealing faster from the folded areas. Take acid-free tissue paper next, and stuff it inside the sleeves. This helps the sleeves stay in proper shape and all around. Also, the tissue will absorb any kind of moist in the jacket helping to stay new as ever all through the year.

Storing a jacket in a cover of fabric material and not of plastic is the best option. A fabric cover is breathy and the jacket will not get stuffy inside. Store one jacket in one fabric bag. Especially if they are of two different colors to prevent rubbing off or decolorizing.

And finally, you can also care for your leather jacket by occasionally paying a visit to a professional leather expert. These are just a few tips to keep your Best Leather Jacket best forever! For apparel that is so durable and a definite fashion diva, we ought to pray “long live leather jackets”!

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