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Leather Strap, Brown, 0.25 inch wide, 3mm (7-8 oz) thick, 72 inch long


  • Leather Straps for Crafts, Jewelry, DIY, Sports, Gifts, Repairs, and more.
  • Premium One-Piece Top-Grain Leather
  • Use For Many Adults & Children’s Projects

Warranty: 1 Year

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  • CURATED MATERIAL: Selected specially for high performance, strength, in-demand looks & rich colors. Has a smooth top-grain finish and suede bottom which gives it so many creative uses around your home; regardless if the project is for yourself, DIY project with your child or a gift for a loved one. Like any real leather article, H&K Leather Straps can be used either indoors or outdoors (refer to leather care instructions).
  • WHY US?: Because simply, we go the extra mile, right from sourcing hides to delivering the leather article to you. We obsess over details. All this so that you can concentrate on what you do best; create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The cut of 100% leather we have selected is ideal for straps, measured correctly & rechecked, Chrome tanned & dyed all the way through (longer process), Bovine Source (cowhide), can be stamped and the length is made up of a single piece of continuous leather.
  • MEETING EXPECTATIONS: Let’s address the elephant in the room. The strap does not crack when flexed, is not glued together in any way to make the piece, is not PU or Synthetic or Artificial Leather or Bonded Leather or Faux Leather, images are not taken under modified lighting therefore you are able to get a better idea of the color, not stiff but pliable leather, top/smooth side is not a matte finish but semi-gloss.
  • MANY CREATIVE USES & BROAD HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY: Use our leather straps in the comfort of your home or business to create various arts & crafts projects, personalized pet friendship collars for Dogs & Cats, unique necklaces & cuff bracelets, straps for luggage, with furniture, repairing or enhancing sports equipment & more. Feel free to use any hardware that suits your needs, like leather Rivets, Double Cap rivets, Tubular rivets & Burrs, Studs, Chicago screws & most tandy leather tools.
  • HIDES & KNIVES WARRANTY: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason, our product wasn’t at par with what you expected, don’t worry, we make returns and refunds easy. Just contact us.


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