Leather Care

Tips, Tricks and Advice

At Hides & Knives Co., our artisans use only the best leather for the project at hand. This contextual approach to quality ensures that our products stand the test of time. 

That’s not all, our handcrafted goods are made with superb care, attention to detail, and frankly, deserve to be treasured. Rather than wearing out, our leather will naturally condition with use and will develop a unique character over time.

Did you know?
Full grain leather is roughly the top 25% of the hide, is six times stronger than the next material under it. More common ‘genuine leather’ products are made with leather shavings mixed with resins, waxes, and chemicals to make mass produced products that not only look identical but will be the best-looking on just day 1. On day 100th or day 500th at the most, you will be looking for a replacement. 


Your leather goods are naturally conditioned to resist water and will comfortably break in. In the first six months, most scratches and scuffs will not only rub out but will also help in the article’s character development. So, fret not, and let the natural oils work their magic. Depending on the usage, or after a few months, you may use any reputed leather conditioner to keep the luster of your leather article.  

The rule of thumb is to always test any conditioner on a small, inconspicuous part of your leather article. Please note that conditioning with oil or an oil based product will darken the color of your leather, so proceed with caution.

Did you know?
A good majority of leather comes conditioned and will not need immediate conditioning. You can assume this if the leather articles has a sheen. Dull leather is usually not oiled or conditioned and only contains oils from the tanning process.

Did you know?
Being a natural material, leather hide may contain some Beauty marks left by bug bites, fence scrapes, or stretch marks. These marks simply make leather all the more beautiful and unique.

Did you know?
Getting your leather article slightly wet will not affect the look or longevity of your article. Just ensure that you pat it to absorb extra water and let it air dry.


You may be wondering about this when one of two things happen; one, your leather goods have collected dirt and second, they have been stained or have picked up spots of some kind. To clean, use a damp cloth, rub in circular motion to remove dirt off the surface. If you are trying to remove stains, rub away from the stain. 

The rule of thumb is to always to clean your leather article quickly and correctly. Waiting may cause long term damages. 

Did you know?
A dull or dry leather article not only cracks faster but will also pick up stains quickly. This is because there are no oils left to either keep it supple or to repel stains. 

Did you know?
You could use baby wipes to clean leather articles. Like they say, if it’s safe for a baby, it’s safe for your leather goods. To dry, keep indoors where air there’s air movement. Do not keep your leather goods in direct sunlight. 

Did you know?
You could use Saddle Oil on your leather and Mink Oil Creme on all stitching and seams.