A Guide To Buying The Perfect Leather Jacket.

A guide to buying the perfect leather jacket.

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Leather jackets have always been show-stoppers and heart winners. Yet there still dwells confusion in the minds of men out there, when deciding which type to choose to get the best leather jacket. That often leads them to opt for safer options like parachute or wool. But the love of leather never leaves their hearts, and the thought of not being able to wear one always makes them sigh.

Here comes the good news! We’re here with a complete guide for a perfect leather jacket, which will gladly assist you, and put your infinite hunt to an end. Hold your breath – because you’re about to be reunited with the most versatile, and timeless leather jackets!

Here are those few things you need to keep on your mind when you stroll through the rows of irresistible jackets all calling your name!

  • Ways to judge a leather jacket’s quality. 
  1. The most desirable aspect of a jacket is the decorative, topstitching. Usually done along the edges of seams, pockets and zippers give a more visual appeal. Think of it as the difference between a 2D and a 3D movie.
  2. High-quality jackets will use thicker and high-value threads.
  3. The overall design will have multiple elements, and have many little pieces coalesced together. Low-quality jackets will have lesser and simpler pockets and less interesting elements to achieve easier and cheaper making.
  4. Zippers are usually the give-away element. The first thing that will announce the quality of a jacket will its zipper. High-end jackets have lighter metal zips that are smooth, buttery, and strong and are more appealing visually.

Invest In The Best Quality Leather Jacket

Only opt for the best. There are things that should never be compromised regarding its cost, and leather is one of them. From the cheapest to the most extravagant ranges of leather jackets, you will face the dilemma of making a wise choice out of countless options. But do keep in mind that genuine leather jackets will last a lifetime and will be worth each penny spent, so try avoiding low-cost jackets that are leather only by name – and you won’t be disappointed.

A few tips in knowing the perfect leather –

  • The thickness, texture, and color will also be an indication, if it feels slick, plastic, or smooth – the leather is probably corrected and processed. If it is soft, grainy and a bit oil – it is more toward the uncorrected end.
  • There are a lot of different leather types available. Genuine leather includes –
    1. Lambskin leather which is very soft,
    2. Deerskin leather which is very light weighted and durable,
    3. Cowskin leather is known to be the king of leather for its softness and durability.
    4. Goatskin leather is also soft and has a buttery texture, lesser than lambskin though, and has a tight pebbly texture.
    5. Kangaroo skin leather is similar to cow leather, but is tougher and much thinner, but is extremely rare and expensive today.
    6. Faux and suede are artificially produced leathers – commonly preferred by people who do not want to wear animal-based leather and is also comparatively more affordable.

Make Sure It Fits Well In Sleeves, Body, And Shoulder

Body – Leather jackets are supposed to be a tight fit, the baggy jacket won’t work with these. Make sure you know your exact size, and it is tailored to your exact size.

Length – These jackets are supposed to end at your waistline and should not be longer than that – if they are – they aren’t your size.

Sleeves – Along with a tight fit, make sure you can move your arms around freely, as you don’t want to be wrapped up in uncomfortable clothing and move around like a mummy. These sleeves shouldn’t exceed your palms, or else it is not your size.

Shoulders – Shoulders should not droop down, or be too tight. That would restrict your hand movement. A tip-in choosing a quality jacket is to see its armholes. If they are low and wide, they are made to accommodate more body types to increase the likelihood of making a sale and so – are of lower quality.

Zippers– The zipper is one of the prominent elements in any leather jacket. However, the zipper would be of any strong and tough metal, which can be measured by its weight the genuine zippers are heavy than a worthless zipper. Besides this, you had to check the zipper teeth by zipped it on and off very often for a couple of times and invest on it if it is running effortlessly.

When these jackets are a one-time investment, you do not need to compromise comfort or looks at any cost.

Choose Your Favorite Tone, Also Keeping Your Complexion Into Consideration

For uplifted moods occasionally we like to dress up in something loud and bold and prefer colors like red jackets and yellow ones. If you need a jacket to match the frequency of that uplifted mood, these are your colors.

However, when wanting something to be worn frequently, black and brown are the most universal colors that can never look typical. Brown leather jackets and Black leather jackets are the ones that will compliment every outfit, and allow you to wear it formally and informally equally. And these are also the colors that suit all complexions without exceptions.

Keeping these factors in mind, a correctly chosen leather jacket – is one strong element that can increase the macho vibe of men. To look tough and classy – you need a best-crafted leather jacket. Wearing a garment of quality will automatically boost your confidence and be a catalyst for your masculinity! One jacket of such supreme quality – is a must-have for your wardrobe. TheGenuineLeather will provide you with a complete package of quality comfort and appeal. Visit our website to welcome a new member to your wardrobe family!

Leather – What You Should Choose?


When coming to leather outfits, there are types of leather available on the market. Each variety differs slightly if compared with others. Most of the makers usually adopt these types of leather to manufacture leather outfits that are cowhide leather, Sheepskin leather also known as shearling leather, goatskin, calfskin, and deerskin. Every variety has its pros and cons.

If you are looking to invest in a new leather outfit then this blog will come in handy to take that decision.  Here in this blog, we will give you an idea to choose among these varieties that can suit your preference as well as style. All these varieties have almost the same appearance with a minor difference.

The Genuine leather always promises to serve its customers in a better way. To fulfill this promise we are back with another blog to guide you about lambskin leather. And will it be the right choice for you to buy?

But first, let us discuss how the lambskin leather comes into its final form after processing.

How Lambskin leather processed?

The Lambskin leather is much similar to calfskin leather, but a little more gentle. For the same reason, it requires an exclusive set of skills to process. Our manufactures process this in different stages to process after the removal of fur and flee from its hide. Which further drive into the process of tanning to give it its final finish look.

So, now let us highlight the rewards, sheepskin has over others?

Lambskin Leather Blog

Lambskin vs Cowhide leathers

The cowhide leather and lambskin leather are pretty much alike except in few aspects. The lambskin leather hides have finer and smooth grains as compared to cowhide leather which is coarser than shearling. Because of the small grains, the sheepskin has a soft touch and feel. You can surely conclude the difference when getting a chance to compare them side by side.

Lambskin vs calfskin leathers

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say there is a general rule, that calfskin leather is ideal for tough and rugged items like wallets, shoes, and handbags. While the Lambskin Leather is perfect for jackets, coats, and other similar outfits due to its soft smooth feel. We believe in delivering the same smooth touch in our lambskin leather jackets and coats.

 Lambskin vs goatskin leathers

The same is true for goatskin leather, due to its shape-retaining properties it is ideal for jerky and tough items. While shearling jackets or shearling coats are there for a soft and smooth touch. The goatskin leather has better insulation properties and it’s much heavier than lambskin. There are a variety of options available to shop on our website with premium soft and eye-catching colors.

Lambskin vs deerskin leathers

The Lambskin Leather is mostly adopted in usage to fabricate clothing is because of its soft flee. While the deerskin is also used to manufacture some clothes but mostly for shoes, wallets, and rugs after stretching and dying.

For all these reasons, Lambskin leather is the most expensive Leather to buy!

Now we can hope that you may have an idea that which leather is superior for clothing brands among others. And you know which the most durable Leather is.

So, let us presents some of our best lambskin outfits in front of you to choose from with different varieties. And we are definite that you can’t resist buying these attention retaining colors.

  • Mens Aviator B3 Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

Mens Aviator B3 Shearling Sheepskin Jacket, made with genuine sheepskin leather to provide you the comfort till eternity. Our products are highly capable of lasting until you got bore and decide to change.

  • Mens Sheepskin Chocolate Black Bomber Leather Jacket

As we promise to bring our customers the products they can trust with their money. This time we have Mens Sheepskin Chocolate Black Bomber Leather Jacket in our store to carry something exceptional as your style. Intricately tailored Mens Sheepskin Chocolate Black Jacket is a definition of quality. The jacket aims to prove that it is always a wise decision to invest in quality. You make good use of your money and chose what exactly addresses your needs.

  • Mens Sheepskin Leather Fur Coat

This Mens Sheepskin Leather Fur Coat is something to buy at instants. After wearing, it would be intricate that you feel any waves of cold in this. Made from higher sheepskin quality with gently processed tanning it is a well-meaning product. To cast the shadows on your companions you should choose these lambskin leather coats as your ultimate selection.

  • Mens B3 Shearling Sheepskin Orange Jacket

Bringing for you in the store Men Sheepskin Orange Jacket, A genuine stuff leather. Set your outer close-ups with the elegant fur lapel style collar. On it, the zipped style has also been set up for a better choice you can make while wearing it for unlocking your decency look.  A bit of updating is also made with the soft viscose lining internally. As you can see completely together it is creating the best external show and a great internal show.

In Men B3 Sheepskin Orange Jacket bright and dark that orange and black meet to make you a moderate personality. Choose it for such a demonstration.

  • Mens B6 RAF Aviator Sheepskin Waxed Jacket

Do you consider Jackets with Fur on the collar? As it gives you a look you cannot resist? Then yes, you are looking at the right product. This Mens B6 RAF Aviator Sheepskin Waxed Jacket with its sheepskin leather is confidently a product to give you comfort with style. Its Shearling style collar will not let any icy wind get in. The sheepskin used in the making of this product was processed very gently to retain the natural comfort of this product. This genuine lambskin leather Mens jacket is a thing sure to try!

As we mentioned that all these above-listed products are made from 100% Lambskin leather, this Real leather is as unique as plain on a course and pond in a desert. Once you invest, you will surely not regret it!

Now knowing the basic characteristics of different types of leather, you will not find it difficult to choose. Or are you still confused? Then let us hope in and guide you to the best product to suit your taste.

After buying any of the Lambskin leather jackets or coats, there are some points you need to ponder to extend the life of your jacket.

How to take care after buying this lambskin leather hides?

We know that the real leather jacket is delicate and hard to clean. So, we recommend taking any professional help if you are not certain to do the cleaning. But from this blog, you can surely do it by yourself. First of all, you need to know that a shearling jacket is absorbent that absorbs water easily. So, never pour an extra quantity of water or immersed it without any professional help. Take a wet microfiber towel and clean it thoroughly. For extra protection, you can use a conditioner to preserve its natural appearance. Or if there is any hard stain that cannot be cleaned with a microfiber towel; then we recommend sending it to a professional cleaner for a thorough wash.

Lambskin leather is very soft and smooth, so you need to store this by hanging it vertically with a proper size hanger. Keep a distance maintained in between sheepskin jacket and other clothing outfits. To prevent any sagging or resisting.